United WarmWishesWarm Wishes creates a personal relationship between our volunteers and the street community when once a year volunteers distribute 5,000 “StreetPacks,” or backpacks, stuffed with warm gloves, scarves, hats, wool socks, and rain ponchos to homeless men, women, and children, living on the streets of the Bay Area. The winter accessories are brand new, manufactured under the direction of and funded by Warm Wishes, to help them survive the difficult weather months.

In addition, one of the most valued pieces in each StreetPack is a heart-warming, personal holiday card hand-written by Bay Area children.

Join Founder Bill Hamm on Distribution Day, our volunteers, including families and their children, meet at Unity In Marin (in Novato) and within two hours assemble the StreetPacks. They then take to the road to personally distribute the packs to the Bay Area homeless. Our purpose is for the homeless people to stay warm and perhaps to save a life, and for our volunteers to reap the rewards of looking into the eyes of a stranger, of coming closer to understanding their plight, and  filling with the feeling of doing good for others.

This year we are requesting donations at the door on Distribution Day to offset the costs of the items for the homeless. Suggested donation is $10.00 for adults (children are free) but please be as generous as you can. We are committed to providing new items that are purchased specifically for this population and need your support.

Warm Wishes!

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