The History of Warm Wishes

On a freezing and blustery December morning in 1993, Bill Hamm walked past a homeless man on the street who was rubbing his raw hands together to warm them. A block later, Bill stopped, turned around, walked back and gave the incredulous man his own expensive leather gloves. That simple gift which filled both men with joy became Warm Wishes.

Since then, Bill and Warm Wishes have been responsible for distributing roughly half a million warm winter items to our homeless neighbors. Tucked into each “StreetPack” are gloves, socks, cap, scarf, rain poncho, a Holiday letter created by Bay Area schoolchildren, and a card with information on how to find social services for help.

All year long, Warm Wishes works to raise the money for these simple and important gifts. Now more than ever, men, women, families and lots of children need a helping hand, a warm wish and human contact that can warm body and spirit.

It’s easy to participate… play Bocce with us on Sept. 23, 2012! Or send a donation c/o MarinLink (

And please bring your family and join us for our fun-filled and heartwarming day of stuffing 5,000 Warm Wishes StreetPacks on Saturday Dec. 1, 2012.

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