Warm Wishes Art Project

Warm Wishes Art Project!

We would love to include a holiday card from our community in each StreetPack to warm the heart of the recipient! Each StreetPack just isn’t complete without a card from someone wishing them a happy holidays. 


– Fold an 8.5” x 11” sheet into quarters and cut into 4 cards. 

– Draw a holiday scene on the card with colored pencils or markers and sign “Warm Wishes, “[First name, please do not include last name]”

Please do not include: last names, glitter, glue, or anything that could come off on the other clothing inside the StreetPack.

This is a great chance to have an opportunity to warm the hearts of many givers and receivers.

Deadline for cards has been moved to December 1st or the day of Warm Wishes by 9 am!  If you are dropping off cards BEFORE Saturday, 12/2, you can drop them off at MarinLink:

MarinLink c/o Warm Wishes
5800 Northgate Drive, Suite 250 (Entrance is by the Food Court)
San Rafael, CA 94903

Note: Please call before dropping by to be sure that someone is there to greet you!

Please drop off all cards on 12/2 at Unity in Marin – 600 Palm Drive, Novato, CA

Questions? Please contact us at info@warmwishes.org or call 415-472-0211.

Thank you so much and Warm Wishes!

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